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  • Christmas bat census

    We had the chance to participate in a bat monitoring activity at the Karen Mogensen Reserve, the Conteo Navideño de Murciélagos (Christmas bat census), which took place simultaneously in several parks and reserves of Costa Rica with researchers and students of the University of Costa Rica and some associations involved in  Central American bat conservation.…

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  • Possible tropical cyclone towards Costa Rica

    The latest bulletin from the National Hurricanes Center (NHC) indicates that the system has not yet been able to close its eye, and thus remains cyclone potential No. 2. However, NOAA claims its classification as a tropical storm may come that in any time, because it has strong bands of rain and strong winds near…

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  • Torrential rain at the Karen Mogensen Reserve

    In recent days, the rain gauge placed at the Biological and Meteoclimatic Station Italy Costa Rica has recorded truly torrential rains. We are in the rainy season, and June has an average rainfall of about 405 mm, so the abundant rains are not surprising in themselves, but certainly the first 8 days of the month…

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