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    FpS press release                                                         August 24, 2023 From the Karen Mogensen Reserve, a Special Ambassador of Costa Rica Biodiversity in Italy Specimens of a rare native plant, endemic to Costa Rica, the Cafecillo ( Erythrochiton gymnanthus ), traveled 11,000 km to arrive in Italy where it will be kept in the best conditions in the tropical…

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  • Bioindicator birds

    Density Estimates and Habitat Preferences of Two Sympatric Bird Species as Potential Bioindicators of Tropical Forest Alterations Abstract Forestry management can shape the structure of habitat types and have important biological consequences on the composition of biodiversity. This study focused on two birds, Momotus lessonii and Eumomota superciliosa, potential bioindicators of local and wide scale…

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  • Early rainy season at Karen Mogensen Reserve

    The NEC magazine, Nova ex coelo, published by AMPRO, the Professional Meteorological Association, hosts in issue 49 a scientific study entitled “Tropical meteorology and the “Italy – Costa Rica” bio-climatic station. In the article, Foreste Per Semper member and volunteer Luca Lombroso, AMPRO Meteorologist, scientifically explores some aspects that we have already talked about in…

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