The weather and biological research station “Italy – Costa Rica” in the Doña Karen Mogensen Reserve – Nicoya Peninsula.


The Karen Mogensen Reserve is part of the biological corridor of the Nicoya peninsula, thanks to the regeneration of the forest that took place through the purchases of land made by the ecological association of Paquera, Lepanto and Cóbano from the beginning. A part of these lands was acquired with Italian public funds and private donations thanks to GEV Modena – Foreste per Sempre ODV. All this allowed to restore the natural ecosystem, which has since recovered its biodiversity.

The conservation and increase of the Dona Karen Mogensen Reserve area and the recognition of Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre are the primary objectives.


The research station aims to facilitate biological and meteorological research in the Karen Mogensen Reserve, the station offers infrastructures to study the effects of climate change and create the basis of biodiversity to compare it with future conditions. The natural succession process that has taken place in the reserve over the past 20 years offers an excellent environment for studying the processes of forest recovery and carbon fixation. We welcome researchers, professors, dissertators, groups of biology students and other groups interested in studying nature and the environment.


Study of Meteoclimatic events thanks to the meteorological station, the network with universities and national and international monitoring systems.

Live images from the webcam of the local time station

Weather data live from the station


The complete inventory of the Reserve’s animal and plant species, which will be included in national and international biodiversity lists and whose distribution will be included in digitalised maps (GIS).